Favorites: Leadership, Social & CMO – Week of November 10


To be a great leader politics are a necessity no matter how small or large your organization is. It’s a dirty word that no one wants to hear, but if you practice these tips you’ll get much farther. Being political really means getting people to rally behind an idea and motivating teams into action. This is what differentiates leaders from followers.

The Chief Marketing Officer’s role has changed and is becoming more and more prominent. Being a people person, always looking at the future, embracing digital even if you’re met with road blocks are a just a few traits that make a great CMO in today’s world.

The new IBM Center for Applied Insights study, “Charting the social universe: Social ambitions drive business impact,” found that as many as 74% of social decision makers recognized that a social business uses social technology to foster collaboration among customers, employees and partners, but only 20% felt their companies were truly social. Cynthya Peranandam shares guidelines on how to make your organization more social and truly embrace the future.

Get inspired and think outside of the box with your social media tactics – regardless of your industry there’s always a way to go beyond the expected and deliver the unexpected.