Strategy, How To Be Nimble

Originally published on One Uproar It’s that time of year where we’re all thinking about the new year ahead, forecasting business, budgets and new product launches. How can small and large companies plan, create strategy and be nimble in today’s environment? My prior posts on strategy focused on how to think about your strategy , how to formulate a […]

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How To Write Your Strategy Plan

Originally published on One Uproar In my series on strategy, I’ve talked about how to formulate a strategy and how to set goals and objectives. Now, let’s talk about how to write that plan. Every company has a different way of creating and communicating plans. Some companies like PowerPoint presentations, while others prefer a detailed document and some […]

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You’ve Got Strategy, Now What?

Originally published on One Uproar My last blog post talked about how to create your strategy and how to think about it. The next step is to set your goals and objectives. Most entrepreneurs want to go straight to tactics after their strategy is created. Without the proper goals and objectives you’re really floating through the year […]

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